Monday, January 19, 2009

My thoughts on snow

Standing by the window watching the snowflakes drift slowly down, many thoughts run through my head.

The scene is beautiful, the trees, shrubs and ground are covered in white and the world looks so clean and pleasant.

Then the practical side of me kicks in. What does the snow mean to others? Children are watching gleefully or perhaps are already outside dancing about, making snowballs and/ or snow angels. A few of the more ambitious ones may be trudging down the street going door to door in the hopes that someone will hire them to clear sidewalks and driveways for them. Business people, who own their own plows are busy scurrying from job to job clearing parking lots. Men employed by their village or county are out working extra hours clearing the roadway for commuters and in the process on occasion plowing driveways back in, not as a deliberate act but unfortunately the way things go. Children and teachers alike are hoping for the snow to continue in the hope that schools will be closed tomorrow. Deliverymen and postal workers are struggling to complete their jobs and get home not too much later than usual.

I've just gotten done paying someone a handsome sum to clear both my sidewalk and driveway and realize if this snow continues, tomorrow I'll have to hire someone again.

In spite of this, I am enjoying the scene through my window and am thankful that for today, I can remain inside and warm myself by the fireplace.


Maureen Hayes said...

Ah Snow. . . So joyous when you are little and troublesome as you grow older. It is still beautiful to look at, but not nearly so fun to be in as when you are young, making snow angels, building forts and snowmen.

Thanks for sharing the joy of taking a moment to appreciate the beauty. Too many times I am caught up in the practical side of what I have to do about it, and don't stop to admire it.

Dottie said...

Thanks Maureen for your comment on snow. While beautiful to view, snow can cause a lot of problems as well as fun.