Saturday, July 25, 2009

Diving in! (a writing prompt)

What the heck can I write in five minutes about diving in?

What the heck can I write in two minutes about diving in?

I can't even come up with a thought for one minute at this time!

I have so much to do and so much that needs doing! The movers will be here in three days and I haven't even starting packing. I've gone about this move all wrong.

When John came home and told me we would be moving to another army base (the third one in five years), I thought whoopee, great, I'm excited (not). Where now?

Then I started to think, well now would be a good time to declutter, get rid of all the unnecesary items we all tend to collect, sort through important papers (at least they had seemed important at the time), straighten up our lives in general.

Wow, guess I got so involved in that and here it is three days and I have not gotten on item packed. Bummer!

What do I do now?

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Maureen Hayes said...

I loved the humor in this!