Friday, November 7, 2008

What happened to Amy on her first day of school

Today was the first day of school for Amy. The little four year old had eagerly dresses herself this morning in her best dress. She added small, lace trimmed socks to her feet and then slipped on her shiny new black patent leather shoes that mommy called Mary Jane's.

She ran into the breakfast nook of her home and twirled around for her mom and two older brothers to see how pretty she looked.Unfortunately, her seven year old brother was attempting to bring jars of grape jelly and honey to the table with the thought of adding to his toasted English Muffin.

Amy collided with her brother and the jars went flying. She was covered in purple as well as the sweet, sticky honey from her hair down to her shoes.Everyone first reaction was to laugh, Amy looked so funny turned purple.After a minute, her mom collected herself and rushed to Amy saying soothingly, "come Amy, let's get that dress off, get your face washed and get you into something really beautiful to wear to school". Amy wanted no part of this. She was crying and gasping for breath saying "I won't go to school, not today, not ever."

It took awhile but mom eventually got her calmed down, into the shower and cleaned up (no easy task with the honey situation.) She chattered brightly at Amy about what would be a good outfit to wear with her sandals now that the shoes had been ruined. Between them, they found a pretty blue skirt to go with a white blouse that was trimmed in blue. Another pair of lace trimmed socks and sandals and Amy was good to go.

Later mom would deal with the mess in the kitchen. Right now, she needed to get everone including Amy out the door, into the car and to school on time.

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